Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Skyline FRAMED!

After many hours spent planning, painting, material researching and purchasing, PATIENCE, and creative flow... I am please to present the final product from my recent skyline commission:

Click the image or here to view it larger. The frame was the new fun thing for me on this project, since it was my first official custom framework job. I finally signed it, varnished it, and let it dry. WORDS OF CAUTION: Arizona is VERY windy and the air is VERY dusty... WET PAINT SURFACES BEWARE! After a trip to ACE Hardware to pick up some final materials, this bad boy was set in place and ready to hang on the wall! Since this piece is a little bulky with the thick black frame being so large, I triple wired the hooks for three times the strength. Not much else to write about this piece right now other than it's done and the client LOVES IT! More paintings to come soon.

-Josh Grabowski

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