Monday, October 19, 2009

missing the beautiful colors

After a seemingly LLOONNGG week of working in black and white acrylic, I am completely ready to bust out some color work. If you know what Alizarin Crimson looks like from the brush smoothed over a fresh white canvas or board, you'd know the feeling I'm talking about (which happens to be my current favorite color to date, indanthrene blue mixed with a bit of cerulean blue is also amazing, vibrant, cool... any insight on what yours is?). Tonight happens to be another night that I am painting, painting, painting and stopping to realize IT'S 3AM AGAIN! Where does the time go? Especially when working on fine details across a 5ft. surface... it seems like the amount of work I accomplished in this session is next to none, until the next day when I return back to the studio and admire the detail work that I won't have to do! Not much to write about here other than the fact that I am ready to retire the B&W acrylics for while; also makes it easier that I've purposely not kept much acrylic material around the studio. A simple strategic move on my end to get myself used to painting exclusively in oils (at least for now)... if I want to paint, it looks like I need to work in oils... well it's not a question of if I want to paint, it's rather when the pain of not creating overwhelms the pain of creating. Could be a little artsy of a statement and maybe not understood by everyone, but honest nonetheless. For fear of letting my artistic and sleepy mind spill all over my blog, I'll turn in for the night. With that, goodnight my friends.

side note: I find myself using "..." quite often. Don't judge my writing, I'm not a writer!

-Josh Grabowski

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