Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Perspective with a Heavy Dose of Inspiration

Here we go again... more on my recent creations! First I would like to say that I'm not thrilled about the lighting here in the above image, but it is 3AM and no sunlight, which gives a much better light for pictures of artwork (something I learned from my wonderful highschool art teacher, Mrs. Nancy Wells). Secondly, I would normally say that you can simply click on the image above to see it larger, but it's come to my attention that those of you reading this on any other site than direct from my blog (ie. email, facebook, etc.) this link doesn't always work. In any case, you can also see a larger version by clicking here. The painting is coming along wonderfully and despite some misjudged timeframes, it is about one session away from completion! The composition here really moves the eye through the piece which can be difficult with such a wide piece. After working hours at a time on a particular piece, simple composition mistakes are hard to find or recognize; however, another little trick I've learned from Mrs. Wells is to look at your piece in the mirror which will give you an entirely different perspective making it easier to spot mistakes you might have otherwise looked over. I've horizontally flipped the image through some editing software on my computer which you can take a look at here. What my initial reaction to seeing my skyline creation this way is: a. I LOVE the depth that is shown in the detail of the park in the distance! b. maybe there is too much dark space where the cast shadow from the row of trees falls... but what do I do to fix it? Currently I'm at a loss on the magical fix-it remedy, but maybe a couple of days with the piece facing the wall will refresh my perspective and allow me to come back at it with a new idea? I'm absolutely open to any suggestions! Another thing I am considering is placing people throughout the park. Risky, since I'm not sure if I really wanted to focus on that aspect, not to mention that the original photograph this picture was inspired from shows NO people in it whatsoever. Park lamps that were in the big brother (as I'm calling it) are also on the list of upcoming tasks. Finally, the frame will be put together tomorrow night and painted. The projected idea for this is going to be a 5.5 inch thick black border that will have a nice 2.5" depth to it. This is going to look sharp encasing this piece! SHARP! You can guarantee the quality of it will be just as wonderful as anything else I have made in the past (special thanks to my stepdad Dave for teaching me the ropes of handmade, quality woodwork), also you can look for pictures posted when the final product is ready for hanging.

Creativity flows uncontrollably sometimes and you need to be there ready to make it materialize. Fortunately, right now I am completely ready and willing to act on it and hopefully that shows in my next couple art ventures. I know that as an artist I can not expect to wait for a fit of inspiration, which I am not, but when that feeling really clicks inside it feels like nothing can stop you. The feeling is real, and any artist reading this could most definitely agree that "unstoppable TOP OF THE WORLD feeling" is not only unexplainable, but intoxicating leaving you wanting more, much more. Successful consistent production of artwork is exciting and makes you want to create more! The more work you produce the more insights and breakthrough you'll have. BAM! Suddenly, more inspiration! This inspirational flow will produce better paintings... and the process is endless. What could be better than a life spent actively pursuing your own unique inspired vision? Keep the creative wheel turning, my friends.

side note: the time, once again is 3AM. I don't intentionally mean to be making this pattern we have here... I guess this just must be my prime-time baby!
-Josh Grabowski

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