Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quotes and Brain Cell Loss

Another quote from my current favorite book, Letters to Young Artist, by Anna Deavere Smith:

"As an artist, you are a student of the human condition. There is no syllabus. You can go to school and seek structure, some technique, some advise. Ultimately you must make your own course description, you must discover your own book list, you must make your work regimen, your own discipline. You can work as hard as you like. Or not. You can use the time, or not. You can use the world - as much or as little as you like.

Your job is not defined. There is no bar exam for you to pass; there is no oath for you to take. Nonetheless, you have a large responsibility and possibility if you would like to take it.

Are you becoming an artist because you want the world to look at you? Or are you becoming an artist because you would like to use your ability to attract attention - and the ability to get people to look at your work - in order to cause them to see themselves and the world differently through you?"

I'm not even kidding you, this book is fantastic. AWESOME! Not to mention the list of references in the back of the book for artists: it's a gold mine in itself. I have read and purchased some amazing art books within the past year, and this one will most definitely be gracing my collection soon.

Chicago skyline frame is complete, minus the hanging hardware. Some words of caution for you all: spray-polyurethane smells absolutely disgusting! Be ready to lose some brain cells on this one people! The actual painting needs a few finishing touches, a couple coats of high gloss varnish, and placement into it's final resting place. As the final piece comes together, I will post pictures for you all to see (and be jealous that it is not hanging in your living room, therefore commissioning me to make one for you...maybe wishful thinking?). Next commission work is in line and the order for supplies has been compiled. Subject matter: race car! Should be an exciting change from the norm!

-Josh Grabowski

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