Saturday, October 17, 2009


If you get me painting, there is little that will stop me. Last night I pumped out a painting session until 3 am after everyone had already gone to bed (absolutely NOT uncommon for me since I seem to be most productive late at night... fewer distractions, more ME time). It's funny, I will specifically think to put on music or turn on a movie in the background but once I sit back down, I can not justify getting back up to do anything but continue painting! CDs will stop playing and it will be an hour before I even consider putting another one on let alone realize that it even had stopped. Sometimes I even have a conscious awareness that I would like to turn something on to cut the silence, but in all honesty, silence is a virtue. Right? All is well though, the skyline painting is going great and is definitely on track for being finished either later tonight or tomorrow. After that, the fun really starts and I get to construct the custom frame job that I have in mind for this piece. Originally my design called for lighting similar to my Lights On Water painting as it really gives the piece a very sophisticated, museum-quality display; however, it will all come down to what the framework will allow and what the client wants. Pictures will soon be following this post! :)

On a side note, acrylic paint dries SO quickly! I had almost forgot after spending so much time with oils. Not to mention the fact that it calls for the absolute easiest, most available method of diluting/cleaning... H2O. Clean up is a breeze and it doesn't smell nearly as potent as any chemicals needed for oil painting (even though I have come to enjoy the smells, they can still be a little harmful to your brain cells unless you have good ventilation and air circulation... is that why I like it?).

-Josh Grabowski

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