Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oil Painting Medium Toubles

Artist Oil Paint Mediums
This is a picture from my studio of some of the oil mediums that I have been using.

One of the hardest things that I have faced over the course of my art adventures has been the science and art of oil mediums. I have been trying to make my own and experiment with recipes that I come across online. I recently found a book online that I plan to get sent via Amazon or Google, "Formulas for Painters." In it, author Robert Massey lists over 200 recipes for sizes, grounds, glazes, paints, varnishes, fixatives, and adhesives for a wide range of art mediums. Thanks to the wonderful technology that Google brings us, I am able to preview about 20-30 some-odd pages using Google Book Search. I feel that this book should bring me some invaluable information and recipes on whipping up some useful things to use in my studio. If by some chance I catch a reader that knows something that I don't about this subject, please contact me; otherwise, I will continue my search and experimenting on my own. I will be posting more about my recent works within the next couple days.

-Josh Grabowski

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