Monday, January 12, 2009

Let Me Break The Ice

To finally get my blog started, I thought I would post a little bit about the painting I had started for my grandmother's Christmas present. It is a simple acrylic on canvas-board, 16inx22in.

Okay, now that the ice has been broken, I will explain a little bit about this blog and the reason behind getting it started: While being away from family and friends, I am always having a problem keeping everyone updated on the latest and greatest of my works. SOLUTION: enter stage left new Josh Grabowski Art blog for family and friends reading/viewing pleasure. I will be trying my hardest to update this at the very least once a week if not everyday with a new photo of something I am currently working on or something that I have previously done. I welcome (actually encourage) all of your comments and/or questions about anything on here as I share things of the past, present, and future. After endless searching through other artist's blogs for examples of "the perfect blog" and which format to follow, I have decided that with this new format of recording my progress via technology publicly I will create the best format for myself in time just by simply doing it... Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new blog, be sure to check back often!

-Josh Grabowski

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Janice Dupont said...

Thanks for starting this blog. I feel blessed to be able to follow your artistic journey. Please know that even though you're away, you're always felt in our hearts.