Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finished Lighthouse

lighthouse finale
Put in many more hours while watching a couple movies and listening to some good music today on the lighthouse and finally came to a point that I can be happy with calling it, "the finished piece." This makes it, the first painting completed by myself in 2009 (hold the applause til later). After this picture was taken, I applied a generous coat of galkyd lite as a simple, fast-drying varnish that will have a high gloss to it. I plan to place this canvas board in a frame underneath glass as an added form of protection, but the varnish layer really makes the colors pop. This painting will soon be going to the personal collection of my grandmother as soon as I can make it back home and there is a little less snow and the temperature is at least back above freezing... *lets keep our fingers crossed!* Speaking of cold, there are icicles outside of the living room window that connect the gutters to the deck. Pretty cool! I will continue to enjoy them from the comfort of my pajamas & slippers... indoors... in the warmth. :)

-Josh Grabowski


Hola bitch! said...

Yes J.G.! I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've personally ever heard you use the phrase "the finished piece", and it's beautiful. I feel like it's something I would see in a dream or fairy tail.

Sarah said...

As always your work of art is a Masterpiece. Never was there a doubt in my mind that you can create such a beautiful piece. I cannot wait to have one in our home to look at everyday.
Luv ya Homey!