Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lights On the Water

Josh Grabowski Art

If you didn't already know, the image behind the title of my blog is actually a painting of mine as well. I created it while studying texture, dry times, and color placement with oil paints. The stretched canvas is 25"x48" and has an additional board attached to the top with three recessed under-cabinet lights to help create a dramatic effect on the extreme texture of this painting. Since the harsh lighting reflected off of the wet paint so beautifully, I wanted to capture this after the paint had dried and placed a high gloss finish over the top. Most people see this painting and immediately think that it must be lights reflecting off of water and floating flowers; however, that was not exactly the original intention, even though I will agree that it does! Currently, this painting helps decorate the office at my mother's house.

-Josh Grabowski

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