Sunday, September 6, 2009

Online Art Order

Thought of posting a little art-related material about my current adventures in online-art-supply-ordering... As of today, I have yet to make my first online purchase of art supplies, but that is all about to change. This past Christmas I received two gift cards for Blick Art Stores. While living in Chicago this seemed like the best idea since there were two major stores (HUGE! kid in a candy store type feeling) both downtown and in a neighborhood a bit further north. Since then, I have in fact moved... with the closest store around 350 miles away it would appear that it might make more sense to place my order online. The site promotes free shipping on orders over $200, which any artist would know is easy to rack up quickly. 15 tabs in my browser later, I am overwhelmed with online art supplies! I'm particularly finding it hard to order brushes not knowing exactly what they feel/look like other than a description and picture. Trusting a description and picture is like a drive through any tourist spot trying to find "THE BEST HOT DOG," because you could take your pick of about 16 possible impostors. Conveniently, I remember most of the brands/types of brushes I have purchase in the past but I'm trying some new ones... hit or a miss? We'll have to wait and see.

-Josh Grabowski

the way i'm feeling after a couple hours on this site. somebody save me.

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