Thursday, September 3, 2009

Newest Commission Piece

This is the newest piece that I was commissioned for. It now holds a residency with my other "Yellow Rose" piece in a private collection currently in Downers Grove, IL. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT ERIC! :) For those of you that would like to pay close attention to detail, you can see a picture of the backside here (originally took this picture for myself to reference the way I framed the picture and attached the hanging hardware). You might notice the style of this painting was inspired from the Autumn painting I created a couple months earlier for's monthly painting project. Heavy paint and palette knifes create an interesting texture for the leaves. Eventually when the piece is dry enough, I like to run my fingers (VERY CAREFULLY) across the surface; visual and physical appeal! This piece came around after a recent sale on a website, comparable to eBay but tailored to artists, You can take a look at my personal page here. Since the sale of my work went so well on this site, I plan to post more material on my page in hopes to keep the art sales going!
Hoping everyone is well! Now GO! Be creative everyone, it feels wonderful!
-Josh Grabowski

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