Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Yellow Rose

Well folks, as promised from yesterday's posting... here is the rose that I am working on. It isn't dry enough for me to put the final glazing layers on it, but it is getting close! This little project has been fun for me and I feel recharged! Stay tuned for more artwork, coming soon!
-Josh Grabowski
yellow rose - progress shot

The yellow rose from yesterday's post. :)
Sorry the photo is so blurry. I couldn't seem to keep the camera still!

1 comment:

nicole said...

hey you!
so, i finally made it here to look at your work! hooray! (i'm a lazy jerk, i know...)
anyway, i will start by saying the things i'm sure you will just LOVE to hear (hahaha)... this is so pretty, your work is so soft and touching. it is great to see your things together, it allows me to see you more clearly as an artist. i also just want to make a criticism, if i could, because what are artist friends for, right? i would love to see some mystery behind this piece, what does it symbolize and mean to you? maybe if something more was missing, or added to encourage obscurity it would help me absorb the real beauty as a contrast or personal defnition.
don't take what i'm saying to heart or as a put down, you know your work is absolutely beautiful. i just didn't want to give meaningless feedback, i know how frustrating that can be.
love you doll, and keep on working, this stuff is awesome!
love, nicole.
p.s. hope this wasn't too discouraging.