Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slump Schmump... forgiddabowdit

While coming out of a huge creative slump I am trying to remember that the only way my artowrk is going to be created, either good OR bad, is by simply creating. A good way to get over any drought in artistic productivity is to give yourself "assignments" or just simply spend time in your studio milling around. An art project that I decided to take on was simply painting a rose that was waiting for my arrival back to MI this week (it smells amazing and seemed to bloom for days and days); the original rose is pink, but I am painting it yellow instead. Since I know that I can create a painting of a flower this is just like the first post about the lighthouse that I had made for my grandma's Christmas present, and as well a jump start to my creative flow. While I have been working on this small/quick project I remember how much I really do like spending the necessary time with my brushes and pigments (not that there was much question in weither or not I enjoyed painting)! I feel like I can NOT put down the brush all over again... I don't want to walk away from the painting! Feeling good and on the right direction to get momentum again, I thought I would make a simple post letting everyone know they can expect more artwork up soon.
On another note, who is excited for tax returns? Fortunately, I do not owe anything this year and I am due a refund! Yay for IRS tax refunding!

-Josh Grabowski
the palette I have been using the past two days

This is the palette that I have been using the past two days for the painting of the rose. I hope to finish it tomorrow and have it posted!

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