Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feeling Great!

After letting the paint dry a bit on the yellow rose, I added another couple of glazes. Since the last picture of the rose was a little blurry and the quality wasn't the best, I thought that I would post another.
yellow rose - progress shot
After working on this little project, I feel GREAT! One of my greatest "art finds" recently is About.com's Painting site. This website is an invaluable resource to any painter! One of the interesting features that I found is the Monthly Painting Projects. For the month of March, the project was to create a painting portraying the "essence of a season" using only a palette knife, no brushes. I chose to portray autumn/fall because I love the colors of the leaves (NOT THE TEMPURATURE!). Take a look at my results!
March Painting Project
My painting for the March project on About.com's Painitng site.
I am heading to my easel now to work more on the italian staircase piece. Stay tuned for the results of tonight's work!
-Josh Grabowski


Stacey marek said...

I LOVE the bottom painting, fall yellows are my favorite color!! Nice work josh.

Anonymous said...

Wow J.G.!!! I REALLY like this! Experiment or not it's beautiful!

sweller said...

Joshua, your work is beautiful and we are very proud of you.
Love Dad and Shelley

Anonymous said...

Awesome job my homey!! Just keeps getting better and better. Luv ya