Friday, March 19, 2010

Online Sales

After posting my paintings on numerous sites hoping for sales, I figure the best way for me to not go crazy over it is to just simply wait... and see what happens. If they are meant to sell from one of the outlets I have used, then quite simply, they will. In the mean time, I will try my hardest to put it out of my head will I continue working on my other pieces. Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have exciting weekends planned!

side note: if the weather fails you, go to the movies! Michael and I went to see Valentines Day, awesome, lots of favorite actors/actresses! Alice in Wonderland is also a definite recommended flick. Be sure to load up on candy and popcorn... it's just not the same without it. I hear that Sarah fell asleep during Shutter Island, did you really think it was that bad?!  ;)

-Joshua Grabowski

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