Sunday, January 17, 2010

prime time

The body is constructed, time to put on the final supports, stretch the final pieces and prime. Patience and anticipation is key here everyone. The hard work for the proper, well-executed beginning has been put in. Everything seems a little easier when it is done correct the first time. Looking forward to where this project is headed. Consumingly exciting, just as much as it is excitingly consuming. Just some pics here that I took while working over the past couple days. Maybe they will come in handy if I ever compile all my thoughts and "lessons learned" to write that book I've always been looking for everywhere that sells oil painter books. Book due date: 20-and-longtimefromnow! Lots of work to do before I get ahead of myself. Preparation meets opportunity nicely, I'll be ready.

above left is the nail gun and wood glue used to brace the corners, right is the blank canvas with staple gun used to stretch the material taut over the framework.


-Josh Grabowski

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